AI generated. Prompt: A product photograph of a beautiful bracelet made from hammered sterling silver with a labradorite stone in the center

The Impossible Bracelet

For my next AI-generated design challenge, I decided to create a labradorite bracelet imagined by Fotor. This design resulted from my comparison of AI image generators. It’s a fairly straightforward design, made interesting by its asymmetry and the organically shaped silver beads. I was especially intrigued by the marquis-shapes and decided to incorporate one with a beautiful box clasp I purchased from an Etsy seller. I gathered 6 and 8mm faceted labradorite coin beads, some gorgeous faceted labradorite hearts, and a small variety of silver beads in different shapes.

Initially I planned to link the beads with a small wrapped loop enclosing the jump rings, but it quickly became clear that would create too large a bracelet. I opted instead to use simple loops (which are not as simple as the name suggests). This gave me good practice in getting my loops uniformly sized and shaped.

I created links from my beads and connected them together in the order suggested by Fotor. This meant that the clasp was directly next to the heart-shaped focal bead. It’s such a pretty clasp that I didn’t mind putting it center-stage. I added a large oval bead and a few silver tube beads to finish out the piece. If I’d been feeling truly ambitious, I might have attempted to mimic the organic shapes suggested by AI, using precious metal clay. However, I don’t know that handmade beads would play well with the faceted stones.

The Finished Piece

A sterling silver and labradorite bracelet.
The finished labradorite bracelet

The resulting bracelet is pretty and enjoyable to wear. It’s not a knockout, but it does a nice job of showing off the labradorite. The problem is, box clasps are all but impossible to fasten with one hand. I was able to attach the clasp with a little creative positioning and some help from a table top. This is not something I would subject a customer to.

I am reimagining the design, adding a bit of extra silver for more impact and trading for a more realistic clasp, probably a heart-shaped toggle to echo the shape of the focal bead. I’ll use either sterling spacer beads or bead frames—possibly both! I think this will provide a better setting for the labradorite.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the experiment, even if the resulting bracelet is virtually impossible to wear. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next version turns out.

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