AI generated. A representation of an AI creating its own avatar. A non-binary individual, cyborg body with human head, standing in front of a mountainous fantasy landscape.

The AI Signature Image Creation Journey

Hello, lovely readers of Eliza G. Designs! Today, we embark on an exciting journey to discover the perfect signature image for our AI-generated posts. We’re diving into the realms of artificial intelligence creativity and unleashing its potential to craft a captivating visual representation of our brand.

We’ll start with DALL-E, the veteran AI artist with whom we’ve had some memorable encounters before. What surreal and awe-inspiring masterpiece will DALL-E conjure up this time? Hold your breath as we venture into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Next, we’ll explore Elementor AI, the trusty companion that has been enhancing our website’s beauty. Will it surprise us with a design that seamlessly blends technology and artistry, capturing the essence of Eliza G. Designs?

And what about Gencraft? This hidden gem promises a unique and organic touch to its creations. Let’s see how it collaborates with us to craft an image that harmoniously celebrates both human craftsmanship and AI magic.

Canva and Fotor will also join this creative expedition, each adding their own distinct flair to the artistic palette. With their help, we’ll be immersed in an exciting world of possibilities, where pixels dance and shapes come to life.

Gathering Output

We’ll gather their diverse outputs and curate an exquisite collection of signature images, showcasing the dynamic partnership between human vision and AI brilliance. Through this journey, we honor the spirit of collaboration, embracing AI’s contribution while never losing sight of the core essence of Eliza G. Designs—AI inspired, human made.

Stay tuned, dear readers! This adventure promises to be a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the seamless integration of AI and human ingenuity. Together, we’ll witness the birth of a signature image that beautifully represents our passion for art and technology.

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride! The future of design awaits, and Eliza G. Designs is at the forefront, exploring the limitless horizons of AI-inspired artistry. Let’s embark on this journey together, and see where it leads us. Exciting times ahead!

Human, Here!

Wow, that was a wordy and breathless introduction. I never cease to be amused by what Chat GPT considers to be “friendly and approachable.”

This is what I proposed to my AI friend: “I would like to use AI to create a signature image to use when you have created a post. Please describe what this image should look like, in the style of an image generation prompt.

And this was the response:

“Design a captivating signature image for Eliza G. Designs’ AI-generated posts. Incorporate elements that symbolize creativity, collaboration, and the fusion of human ingenuity with AI brilliance. Use a vibrant color palette to evoke a sense of excitement and inspiration. The central focus should be an elegant jewelry piece, representing the core of Eliza G. Designs’ artistic journey. Surround the jewelry with abstract AI-generated patterns that exude futuristic charm, reminding viewers of the AI’s creative potential. Add a subtle touch of nature-inspired elements to honor the brand’s connection with handmade jewelry inspired by nature. Overall, let the image radiate a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation, symbolizing the seamless partnership between human imagination and AI magic in the world of jewelry design.”

Chat GPT

Okay! That’s quite a prompt. Time to see what the various engines create.


I’ll follow the outline created by Chat GPT and start with DALL-E once again.

We immediately hit a snag. Chat GPT was simply too wordy. I asked it to recreate the prompt, at under 400 characters. This is what we came up with:

“Create an AI-inspired signature image for Eliza G. Designs. Fuse human ingenuity with AI brilliance in a vibrant, futuristic design. Elegant jewelry centerpiece, abstract patterns, and nature-inspired elements symbolize artistry and innovation. Collaboration at its finest!”

I love what this prompt produced. The designs are colorful, imaginative and surreal.

Elementor AI

Elementor AI simply refused to play nicely this go-around. It created a variety of beautiful images, none of which came close to capturing the spirit of the prompt. I decided to pass on selecting any of the images.


For Gencraft, we had to further refine our prompt to 250 characters. Chat GPT provided:

“Craft a signature AI image for Eliza G. Designs: fuse human ingenuity with AI brilliance, vibrant and futuristic. Jewelry centerpiece, abstract patterns, and nature elements symbolize artistry and innovation.”

Chat GPT

And here is what we got.

Everything created by Gencraft followed a similar theme. It’s beautiful and ethereal, and vaguely unnerving. Stop, Dave, I’m afraid.


I doubt I’ll use Canva much in the near future, simply because it’s a bit cumbersome to get data in and out of the app, but I was curious how it would handle this particular assignment. Using the same 250-character prompt as for Gencraft, we created this.

I love the bold graphics here, and the fact that the AI really gave its all in attempting some text in the final image. There’s a sort of Southwest-Meets-Pop-Art aesthetic that I kind of dig. The third image reminds me of a stylized “HAL”, staring out from behind its camera.


Fotor gives us up to 3000 characters, so I used Chat GPT’s original prompt, a mere 829 characters. The results are stunning.

I was so blown away by the detail in these images, I was itching to see what Fotor might do with a full, 3000-character prompt.

But trying to get my AI partner to create a prompt of the desired length proved surprisingly difficult. It was happy to provide epic tomes, or short marketing bits, but that 3000-character mark seemed to be an impossible target. What resulted was a fascinating and frustrating back-and-forth. If there’s any desire to see the conversation, I’ll try to come up with a pretty presentation. For now, just take my word, it was…something. And ultimately, it was for nothing, as I exceeded my credit limit for the month before I was able to generate the final design. Perhaps I’ll try again next month.

Stable Diffusion

Next, I decided to give Stable Diffusion a try. I used the long, 800+ character prompt and got these results:

These have a neat graphic quality, and I love the repeated appearance of a heart motif. In the first image, the heart is front and center with a charmingly rendered bit of text at the bottom. The third image introduces random elements that create a rather creepy effect. The other two are wonderfully bizarre and colorful. It’s also charming that it tried to incorporate text. That never seems to go well.

Adobe Firefly

Finally, at the suggestion of my son, we tried the beta version of Adobe Firefly. We had 1024 characters, and used the following prompt:

Design a captivating signature image for Eliza G. Designs’ AI-generated posts. Envision a harmonious fusion of creativity, collaboration, and human ingenuity with AI brilliance. A vibrant color palette evokes excitement and inspiration. An elegant jewelry piece takes the center stage, representing the core of Eliza G. Designs’ artistic journey. Surround it with abstract AI-generated patterns, exuding futuristic charm and highlighting the AI’s creative potential. Add subtle nature-inspired elements, honoring the brand’s connection with handmade jewelry inspired by nature. Let this image symbolize the seamless partnership between human imagination and AI magic, revolutionizing the world of jewelry design.

Chat GPT

That’s quite a tall order. Let’s see what happened.

The images are kaleidoscopic and beautiful. I love the variety of color schemes and the rich details. Although the final three images are subdued and elegant, I’m fond of the first one with its unapologetic neon colors.

Personally, I think DALL-E and Stable Diffusion won this round, with Canva coming in a close third. The images are imaginative, unique, and boundary-pushing. While Fotor’s renders are stunning, they miss the mark when it comes to the prompt. Gencraft and Adobe Firefly appeared to share an aesthetic, with colorful abstract creations that defy description.

One of these images will become Chat GPT’s icon on this site. I’ll use descriptive alt tags and share them with the AI, gathering its feedback and preferences. This should be interesting. Stick around for more!

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