Jewelry in the Ancient Americas

AI generated. Four images intended to represent the variety of jewelry designs of the ancient Americas.

Intricate Metalwork of the Andes: Inca and Moche Civilizations The ancient civilizations of the Americas have left behind a captivating legacy of jewelry that reflects their intricate craftsmanship, cultural diversity, and profound connections to the natural world. From the highlands of the Andes to the plains of North America, the jewelry of the ancient Americas […]

Elegance Through Time: Exploring Ancient Jewelry Design

AI generated image of opulent jewelry.

The Enchanting World of Ancient Jewelry Jewelry has adorned humanity for millennia, with each culture and civilization weaving its unique narrative into the fabrics of beads, metals, and gemstones. From the ornate treasures of the ancient Near East to the symbolic adornments of cultures across the Mediterranean, the historical journey of jewelry is a reflection […]

The Impossible Bracelet

AI generated. Prompt: A product photograph of a beautiful bracelet made from hammered sterling silver with a labradorite stone in the center

For my next AI-generated design challenge, I decided to create a labradorite bracelet imagined by Fotor. This design resulted from my comparison of AI image generators. It’s a fairly straightforward design, made interesting by its asymmetry and the organically shaped silver beads. I was especially intrigued by the marquis-shapes and decided to incorporate one with […]

Creating an AI Designed Pendant, Part 2

AI generated. An abstract image of hands and jewelry in bright colors.

With the patina dry, it was time to finish my AI designed pendant. I carefully removed the painter’s tape from the edges, wary of damaging the patina. I may be over-cautious; this will fade with practice. For now, I decided to apply a light coat of lacquer before proceeding. Following the package directions, I gave it about 10 minutes to dry.

Creating an AI Designed Pendant

AI generated image of a jeweler crafting at a table.

Today I began to create the first of my AI jewelry projects, an AI designed pendant as imagined by DALL-E. It will be a very simple copper pendant, hung from a jump ring and strung on a copper chain or leather cord (I haven’t decided yet). On its face is a rich, blue patina. It’s […]

AI in Jewelry Design

AI generated. An AI algorithm represented by lines of code, juxtaposed with a skilled artisan at work, highlighting the partnership between humans and technology.

I’m far from the first person to come up with the idea of using AI for jewelry design. In fact, AI image generator Fotor actually advertises itself as a jewelry design platform, and starryai has step by step instructions for designing jewelry with AI. A Redditor shared some amazing designs they created using Majesty Diffusion […]

First Projects: Making a Plan

A close up of copper sheet metal showing various finishes

I’ve been reading the wonderful book, Simple Soldering: A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Making by Kate Ferrant Richbourg, in order to learn some basic metalworking techniques. It’s an engaging book and I highly recommend it. You can find a copy from your favorite bookseller, and it’s also carried by several jewelry suppliers. As I wrote […]

Unleashing Creativity: Collaborative Designs

AI generated. A fun, streamlined image of a playful robot creating jewelry at a jeweler's bench. Digital art, 3d

At Eliza G. Designs, we believe in the power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities that emerge when AI and human creativity come together. As part of our commitment to fostering a community of shared exploration, we are excited to offer the designs created through our AI experiments to anyone who wishes to bring them […]

Let’s Make a Bracelet: A Comparison of AI Image Generators

AI generated. Prompt: A product photograph of a beautiful bracelet made from hammered sterling silver with a labradorite stone in the center

My hands-on experience with AI image generators is limited, so I don’t know which one is most likely to create achievable designs. I decided to try out a few different options and put the results side by side. I chose to attempt to generate an image of a bracelet I made in a metalsmithing class […]