I want to invite and encourage you to share your ideas and images. Submissions should relate to the theme of this site: Human AI collaboration on artistic projects, specifically jewelry design and creation. I’d love to see jewelry designs you’ve created with AI, or real-world creations designed with AI input or inspiration.

I generally agree with the position of Creative Commons that AI-generated images are inherently in the public domain, so feel free to work from the images I post here, if they tickle your fancy. Please consider whether you are equally willing to share without restrictions before submitting your AI-generated images.

Remember, copyright exists on creation, so your original, creative works remain your own.

You may submit up to four images, which should be at least 300 px on the shortest side, and not more than 1500 px on the longest side.

The Fiddly Bits

Submissions that don’t meet the described criteria will be respectfully declined. You retain all rights to your submissions while granting Eliza G. Designs license to use your work on this website, as well as social media and other promotions. Please read the relevant sections of my Terms of Service: Content posted by you and Idea submission.

You are welcome to include your website URL with your submission, but please avoid self-promotion within your text. All posts should be family-friendly and free from language that might be considered inflammatory. Text may be edited for clarity.

Show Us Your Stuff!

Your email address is required but will not be published. Remember, you can include up to four images (but you’re not required to include any). Hint: Compose your post in a word processor, then copy and paste it into the form. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!